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Why is site speed important?

If you’re on this page you’re probably having some sort of issue with your website loading slowly or are looking to speed it up as much as possible.

I’m sure you’re well aware and I don’t even need to tell you, if a website is slow to load you’ll pretty quickly lose patience and go elsewhere. Your own website is no different.

Your Google rankings, your Adwords and Facebook ads, and all the leads that come through your website are tied to the speed and user experience of your website.

If your site is slow to load it annoys prospects and even your existing customers. Google doesn’t like slow websites and have publicly stated that slow websites won’t rank as high in the search results. Our experience working with clients on their SEO has confirmed this too.

Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics released mid 2020 put even more emphasis on site speed and fast loading websites.
They’ve indicated that site speed will play an even bigger role in their SEO and organic algorithm moving forward in the future.

It’s hard to disagree with the fact that a slow loading website has a huge negative impact on the overall performance of your business, brand and your bottom line.

Improving site speed is relatively straightforward and at the high level involves a review of the current state of the site and the implementation of a set of site speed and technical best practices. The implementation of some simple recurring maintenance processes will also ensure your site loads fast into the future.

At WP Speed Fix we fix slow loading websites as well as tune fast websites to get them loading as fast as possible.

Since we started in 2015 we’ve optimized well over 4000 sites now!

Customer Results & What To Expect

In the past, typically most of our customers that purchased our WordPress Speed Optimization services will saw the load time of their site drop to somewhere between the 1-2.5 second mark.

Most started at somewhere between 5-10 seconds, often more although many customers don’t necessarily have a slow website, they just want it optimized and loading as fast as possible.

That said, with the release of Google’s Core Web Vitals Metrics in mid 2020, site speed is much more multi-dimensional than a simple speed test of a homepage.

Our optimization work today is focussed on improving several key site speed metrics and timings including DNS resolution speed, TTFB, FCP timing, LCP timing, load time/document complete time, page weight as well as the traditional fully loaded time metric.

Site uptime and reliability is a key element of a consistently fast loading site so we’ve now also incorporated some site security optimizations in our services too.

In terms of site speed goals and what to expect, we ideally we want our speed timings looking something like this:

TTFB at 0.1-0.2 seconds in the country where the site is hosted and 0.2-0.5 internationally.

FCP (first contentful paint) which is when the site starts to appear (i.e. render) to the visitor at or under 1.5 seconds
LCP (largest contentful paint) which is when the site render is mostly complete, under 4 seconds but ideally as close to the LCP as possible, generally within 1 second of the LCP is fast.

Load time (document complete) at 1.5-2.5 seconds

Fully loaded, which is a more traditional speed metric although not so relevant in 2020 and beyond, can vary a lot depending on the third party code being used. This is still the metric that many popular tools like GTMetrix focus on.

Generally we’d expect to see this timing 1-2 second higher than the load time but this largely depends on the type of site. For example, with a Woocommerce site this could easily be 3-5 seconds higher depending on the marketing code in use.

With every site we work on, we do before and after speed tests. With our higher level services we test your entire site because the speed, and particularly the size of all pages is important. Below are some recent results our customers have seen.

If you want to see how fast or slow your site is right now and get some insights into where your site speed could be improved, our speed test tool is completely free, takes less than 60 seconds and will uncover speed optimizations and opportunities no other tool on the market currently probes for!

Head SiteSpeedBot.com and try it for yourself (do 2-3 tests to get an accurate average load speed).

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How We Work


Provide as much detail as possible for speed issue of your website.


Our team will do an initial assessment on your site and maybe have further questions for you. If not, our team will get started on the work.

Server Side Checking

If permission granted to access website hosting server, our team can check server side issue and optimize server level performance. 

Website Checking

our team check website issue and optimize website performance.


We fix your speed problems and optimize your site so it's running as fast as possible!

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